Breast Revision

Dr. Deziel has extensive experience in the correction of breast implant related problems and complications. Call today at 561-776-2830 for your breast revision consultation!

Some breast revision surgeries simply involve replacement of implants with those of a more appropriate size or small modifications of the breast implant pocket.

More complex approaches are necessary for overly enlarged and stretched implant pockets, which is a common problem with large breast implants. Revision surgery may require breast lifting, skin tailoring, downsizing or the internal modification of the pocket, removing internal scar tissue, suturing tissues to tighten and reshape the pocket from the inside, and placement of internal support for the implant.

Revision surgery is less predictable and often requires the patient accepting compromises to restore a more normal appearance although each case is different and a detailed consultation is necessary to determine your best options.

Expectations After Breast Revision Surgery: 

Dr. Deziel's training and skill allow her to achieve excellent results that support optimal breast shape for each patient. Due to the complex nature of breast revision surgery, the initial consultation is very important. During that first visit, Dr. Deziel will discuss all revision options with you as well as set realistic expectations for an achievable result.

Recovery After Breast Revision Surgery: 

Recovery from breast revision surgery is comparable to the recovery after the initial breast augmentation surgery. During this time, it is important to rest and keep physical activity to a minimum. Walking is encouraged and should be done a few times a day to prevent the formation of blood clots in the legs after surgery. Beyond that, patients must avoid lifting and moving heavy objects using their arms, as outlined in their post-operative care instructions. Usually, patients are ready to return to work in one to two weeks although strenuous activities must be avoided for six weeks after surgery.

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